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The Everett Lee Show delivers a “Shot Of Entertainment,” with candid conversations from Independent Wrestlers, Independent Film Makers and people in the entertainment industry.

Archives 2019 - Episodes 158 - 141

Ep 158, Slammin Thursday Edition

On the final episode of 2019,Everett Lee and Thee Chris Rose discuss TLC 2019 Review, NXT & AEW show reviews and on this day in wrestling history with more wrestling discussion. 

Ep 157, Nicholas Vick

Owner of Knockout Wrestling, Nicholas Vick calls in to discuss growing up watching wrestling and being a fan. Nicholas also discusses how he got into being the owner of Knockout Wrestling and the talent he works with and much more wrestling discussion. 

Ep 156, Slammin Thursday Edition

Everett Lee and Thee Chris Rose are back to discuss this week's NXT and AEW shows with WWE TLC Predictions, WWE Hall Of Fame 2020 and wrestling discussion. 

Ep 155, The Gold Rush, Solomon Stone & Modern Day Shaman, Garrett Adams

Wrestlers, The Gold Rush, Solomon Stone & Modern Day Shaman, Garrett Adams call in to discuss their wrestling careers and other wrestling discussion.

Ep 154, Sunny The California Girl, Patricia Summerland

Original GLOW Girl, Patricia Summerland , Sunny The California Girl calls in to discuss GLOW and other topics of discussion. 

Ep 153, Slammin Thursday Edition

Everett Lee and Thee Chris Rose discuss this week's RAW vs SMACKDOWN vs NXT.
AEW and more wrestling discussion. 

Ep 152, The American Giant

Wrestler, The American Giant calls in to discuss his wrestling career and stepping into the ring with The Immortal Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash. 

Ep 151, Slammin Thursday Edition

On the program, Monday Night Raw discussion,Wednesday Night War, NXT and AEW discussion with AEW Full Gear Review and much more. 

Ep 150, Hurricane J.J Maguire

On the 150th episode of The Everett Lee Show, Everett Lee brings back The Master Of Wrestling Ring Music Hurricane J.J Maguire.
J.J discusses being at the Heroes and Legends convention and about his book, "My Life In Heaven Town." J.J also discusses more of the wrestling themes he did with the "Mouth Of The South," Jimmy Hart and what to expect going into 2020.

Ep 149, Slammin Thursday with Damien Saint

On this episode wrestling manager, Damien Saint returns to discuss his new merchandise, Rocket Pro Wrestling and the Talent he manages. Damien also gives his take on WWE,NXT and AEW and upcoming events.
Also, a run down on this week's WWE RAW, NXT and AEW with predictions on AEW's Full Gear PPV. 

Ep 148, Slammin Thursday Edition

On this special edition of The Everett Lee Show Slammin Thursday , Everett Lee and Thee Chris Rose discuss WWE RAW, Wednesday Night War with NXT and AEW and a review of WWE Crown Jewel 2019. 

Ep 147, Slammin Thursday

The debut of the new format of The Everett Lee Show with Slammin Thursdays. Everett Lee and Co-Host Thee Chris Rose discuss what's happening during the week with WWE, NXT and AEW and other wrestling discussions 

Ep 146, Johnny Zeke Returns

Knockout Wrestling's Heavyweight Champion, Johnny Zeke returns to the podcast to discuss winning the title. Johnny also discusses upcoming event that he will be at and discussion on WWE,NXT and AEW. 

Ep 145, Billie Starkz

Wrestler, Billie Starkz calls in to discuss growing up watching wrestling and when she realized that she wanted to be a wrestler. Billie also discusses working for Girl Fight Wrestling and Grindhouse Pro Wrestling Academy. Billie talks about meeting WWE Superstar, Baliey and much more. 

Ep 144, Jeremy Hines

Marketing, Event Coordinator of Kentucky Zone Wrestling (KZW), Jeremy Hines calls in to discuss when he first started watching wrestling. Jeremy discusses attending a KZW show that got him hook on what the promotion was doing and how he wanted to be apart of the promotion in some shape or form. Jeremy also discusses upcoming events for KZW and much more. 

Ep 143, Johnny Zeke

Passion,Drive and Support is what makes wrestler, Johnny Zeke who he is. Johnny discusses with Everett Lee about growing up in New York and at a young age watching wrestling with his grandfather that he admires.Johnny explains how his grandfather is the driving force behind his work ethic from starting out in wrestling and going on to working in promotions such as Knockout Wrestling, Pride Of Wrestling and other promotions as well. Johnny discuss his feud with Knockout Wrestling's Salazar and his journey to become Heavyweight Champion and much more. 

Ep 142, David Barnabas Spector

David Barnabas Spector of Darkness Worldwide calls in to discuss,who he is and what Darkness Worldwide is about. David discusses Darkness Worldwide in Future Great Wrestling (FGW) and Kentucky Zone Wrestling (KZW) and who is in the group and much more. 

Ep 141, Killer Kaylin

Kentucky Zone Wrestling's Killer Kaylin calls in to discuss when she first started watching wrestling and then perusing getting into being a wrestler. Kaylin also discusses with Everett Lee her favorite music and attending concerts and when people spoil the out come of movies and wrestling matches and much more. 

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