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Archives 2019 - Episodes 120 - 109

Ep 120, Harley Fairfax

Kentucky Zone Wrestling (KZW), Harley Fairfax calls in to discuss starting out in wrestling. Harley also discusses working for different promotions and her first match at Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) and working as a referee at Rockstar Pro. Harley discusses working in Kentucky Zone Wrestling and becoming the KZW Women's Champion and much more. 

Ep 119, Mugzy

Australian Hip-Hop/Rap Artist, Mugzy calls in to discuss Australia and his early musical influences. Mugzy also discusses working and arranging his music and his experience with music labels and keeping true to himself and much more

Ep 118, Jeremy Rage

KZW (Kentucky Zone Wrestling's) Jeremy Rage calls in to discuss starting out in wrestling. Jeremy discusses the promotions he worked in and discusses the early years of KZW. Jeremy mentions who he would like to get into the ring with and answers questions and comments from the viewers during the live podcast and more.

Ep 117, Paragon

New Ohio Wrestling's Paragon calls in to discuss starting out in wrestling and who inspired him to get into the ring.Paragon discusses training at the House Of Truth,promotions he has worked for and his involvement in the Arnold Classic and much more.

Ep 116, Donnie Hoover

Donnie Hoover owner of New Ohio Wrestling calls in to discuss getting into wrestling and working in IWA Mid-South and the matches and stories with the heat he received from fans he had while in the promotion. Donnie also discusses starting New Ohio Wrestling and how it is apart of the Arnold Classic once a year. Donnie discusses his favorite horror movies and much more.

Ep 115, Chris Rose

Kentucky Zone Wrestling's United State Champion Thee Chris Rose calls in to discuss getting into wrestling,working promotions around Kentucky and then capturing the United States Championship in KZW (Kentucky Zone Wrestling). Chris also discusses who he would like to get into the ring with one day and discussing upcoming KZW events and more.

Ep 114, Hardcore Heather Owens

Hardcore Heather Owens calls in to discuss starting out in wrestling,working for different promotions.Heather discusses working in HWA with Cody Hawk and having matches with Amazing Maria James and Shawna Reed.Heather discusses her last match she wrestled against Shawna Reed and her final retirement match and capturing the WAR Wrestling Women's Championship. Heather also discusses her podcast she does with her best friend Jade called "Best Friend Show Podcast," and much more. 

Ep 113, Matty B

Kentucky Zone Wrestling's Matty B calls in to discuss starting out in wrestling and working in different promotions before KZW (Kentucky Zone Wrestling).Matty B also discusses how he will get the heavyweight championship back and shares his thoughts on the owner of KZW, Hurricane JJ Maguire. Matty B discusses who he would like to wrestle with in the ring one day and much more. 

Ep 112, Krutch

Kentucky Zone Wrestling's wrestler Krutch calls in to discuss starting out in wrestling,what his favorite wrestlers are and who he would like to face in the ring one day. Krutch also discusses working with The True Master Of Wrestling Ring Music Hurricane J.J Maguire in Kentucky Zone Wrestling and much more.

Ep 111, Chad Minnes

Chad Minnes promoter of Pro Wrestling After Dark calls in to discuss getting into wrestling. Chad also discusses being a promoter and what it takes to run a promotion and his thoughts on other promotions in the world of wrestling. Chad also discusses Pro Wrestling After Dark 2 The Sh!T Show and more. David C Russell of Deathmatch Russell Podcast joins in with Everett Lee on the discussion

Ep 110, Shawna Reed

Women's Wrestler The Stubborn Angel Shawna Reed calls in to discuss how she got into wrestling,training with Cody Hawk and being apart of the "Five Most Wanted." Shawna also discusses being in the ring with Hardcore Heather Owens,Hannah Hartkopf and Jody Threat. Shawna discusses working with WWE/NXT and being the Bluewater Women's Champion and traveling to England

Ep 109, Hannah Hartkopf

Wrestler, Hannah Hartkopf calls in to discuss how she got into wrestling,how she got into gymnastics and training in OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) with Nick Dimesmore and being on Monday Night Raw in a match with Bayley. Hannah also discusses some movies and gaming and much more

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