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Archives 2019 - Episodes 140 - 121

Ep 140, Jeremy Rage

Kentucky Zone Wrestling's Mr Wrestling, Jeremy Rage returns again to discuss what happen at the last KZW event. Mr Wrestling also discusses upcoming KZW events and discusses the current WWE product and talks about a couple of matches on the SummerSlam 2019 PPV. Jeremy and Everett discuss their favorite WWE 2k game, waiting in the line at the covenant store and much more. 

Ep 139, Jacob Rose

Future Great Wrestling's Jacob Rose calls in to discuss starting out in wrestling. Jacob discuss being trained by Cody Hawk and how he keeps his in ring ability sharp. Jacob also discusses working for Future Great Wrestling and mentions up coming events and talks about the current WWE product and his thoughts on AEW and much more. 

Ep 138, Tomahawk

KZW Kentucky Zone Wrestling's Tomahawk calls in to discuss watching wrestling at a young age and becoming a pro wrestler. Tomahawk also discusses working in KZW Kentucky Zone Wrestling and who he is feuding with in the promotion. Tomahawk mentions upcoming KZW events and much more. 

Ep 137, Indy Mikey

Indy Mikey of The Square Circle City Show calls in to discuss being a fan of wrestling. Mikey discusses attending his first wrestling event and how The Square Circle City Show came about. Mikey also mentions about what to expect from his podcast and more. 

Ep 136, Merica Edition 2

Chris Carnage of The Chris Carnage Show and Final Score returns for the second edition of Merica Edition 2 with Everett Lee. The guys discuss their top 5 of "What Is Being Merica," with Draft Day American Beers and discuss upcoming 2020 movies and wrestling. Chris Carnage once again steps in front of the Green Screen for another run of "Fun With Green Screen" and a lot of consumption of brew on the 4th of July. 

Ep 135, Denim Blevins

Battle On The Border Pro Wrestling promoter, Denim Blevins calls in to discuss when he first started watching wrestling and his first wrestling event he attended. Denim also discusses being a promoter for the company and the talent he has that works for BOTB Battle On The Border Pro Wrestling. Denim also gives his thoughts on current wrestling promotions and much more. 

Ep 134, Thumper Chapman

Wrestler/Promoter, Thumper Chapman calls in to discuss starting out in pro wrestling. Thumper discusses being a working in the business and being a promoter in the days of "Territories," and running shows. Thumper also gives his thoughts on current wrestling and much more. 

Ep 133, Cousin Frank Returns

Big Cousin Frank Returns as the new Kentucky Zone Wrestling KZW Heavyweight Champion. Big Frank discusses about the lumberjack match he had with Matty B to capture the title. Mr Wrestling Jeremy Rage calls in to challenge Big Cousin Frank to a match for the title and much more.

Ep 132, Marc & Kristina Ritorto

Authors and Writters, Marc & Kristina Ritorto call in to discuss their books. Marc discusses his book, "The Cabal," and his daughter Kristina discusses her books, "I Am A Survivor," and "Invisible Girl." Marc also discuss his martial arts career and his podcast, "Shark MMA," and much more.

Ep 131, Thee Chris Rose

A wrestling discussion episode with KZW Kentucky Zone Wrestling's Thee Chris Rose. Chris returns to discuss WWE MITB, WWE Super Show Down, AEW Double Or Nothing, Jon Moxley and upcoming KZW events and much more. 

Ep 130, Bouncy Boxer Media

Stefanie Davis,Chelsea Wolf and Lexi Balestrieri of Bouncy Boxer Media call in to discuss their first full length feature film, Hot Mess In A Wedding Dress. The ladies discuss how they made the movie and what went into the creative process of the movie. The ladies and Everett Lee have fun doing a Movie Trivia drinking game and much more.

Ep 129, Cousin Frank

KZW (Kentucky Zone Wrestling's Cousin Frank calls in to discuss growing up watching wrestling and becoming a wrestler. Frank discusses the promotions he's worked for and working in KZW. Frank also discuss his up coming lumberjack match against Matty B for the KZW Heavyweight Championship and much more.

Ep 128, David Russell

David Russell of Deathmatch Russell Podcast calls in to discuss his favorite local wrestling promotions and shares stories of attending wrestling events. David also discuss upcoming events he will be attending and more. 

Ep 127, Chris Carnage

Chris Carnage of The Chris Carnage Show and Final Score stops by to discuss Game Of Thrones cry baby petition to remake the whole entire season 8 of the tv show, AEW's TV deal and much more on this episode that doesn't hold anything back. 

Ep 126, Robyn Nelson

Robyn Nelson of Wrestle Popcast and Files 13 calls in to discuss his two podcast and the guest Robyn has had on. Robyn discusses Avenger's Engame and Game of Thrones. Robyn and Everett discuss how websites have articles up that are clickbait and much more. 

Ep 125, Domonic Smith

Film Director/Producer Domonic Smith calls in to discuss his new YouTube Web-series, "Terror Tales." Domonic also gives an update on the fan made trailer he directed "Nightmare,Return To Elm Street," and discusses horror movies with Everett Lee and much more.

Ep 124, Damien Saint

Wrestling Manager Damien Saint calls in to discuss his latest road trip to New Jersey,his thoughts on WWE and what he thought of this past Wrestlemania 35. Damien also discusses the season 8 premier of Game Of Thrones and much more. 

Ep 123, Yvelisse Cedrez

Actress Yvelisse Cedrez calls in to discuss staring in her first feature film, Hot Mess In A Wedding Dress. Yvelisse also discusses working on the movie and working on other films she has been in and much more discussion as well. 

Ep 122, Jeremy Rage Return

KZW Kentucky Zone Wrestling's Jeremy Rage returns to discuss what went down at KZW presents Double Danger 4. Jeremy also discusses who he is feuding with in the promotion and his take on different topics on wrestling and discussion on what movies and music he is into.

Ep 121, Movie Knights

Dalton Burdette of the Movie Knights Podcast calls in to discuss attending UCF and majoring in film. Dalton discusses his favorite films growing up and his favorite films now. Dalton also discusses Movie Knights Podcast and much more.

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