The Everett Lee Show

The Everett Lee Show delivers a “Shot Of Entertainment,” with candid conversations from Independent Wrestlers, Independent Film Makers and people in the entertainment industry.

Archives 2018 - Episodes 100 - 108

Ep 108,Lexi Balestrieri 

Actress/Film Producer Lexi Balestrieri calls in to discuss working along side Stefanie Davis and Chelsea Wolf of Bouncy Boxer Media and on their first feature film, Hot Mess In A Wedding Dress. 


Ep 107,Big Facts

EHF Wrestling Tag-Team,Big Facts (Jason Page & Eli Shelton) call in to discuss with Everett Lee and David Russell of Deathmatch Russell Podcast, how they got into wrestling. They also discuss training with Fameis Ames and in Northwest Ohio Wrestling and having Damien Saint manage them as a team. 


Ep 106,Chelsea Wolf

Actress/Film Producer, Chelsea Wolf calls in to discuss working with Stefanie Davis and Lexi Balestrieri at Bouncy Boxer Media. Chelsea also discuss working on Bouncy Boxer Media's first feature film, Hot Mess In A Wedding Dress.
Recorded Live on 12/5/18 


Ep 105,The Imaginarium

Scott Colbert and "The Horror Nerd," Todd Staruch of the Imaginarium podcast call in to discuss Social Media,TV Shows,Horror Movies and Thanksgiving and Christmas movies. Scott discusses his latest book "Life In Amber" and Todd discusses "Theater Of Terror" anthology DVD/Blu Ray release. Did I mention the discussion of "Masturbation?" lol
Recorded Live On 11/14/18 


Ep 104,David Stockwell

David Stockwell of Demoblast Studios calls in to discuss with Everett, how Demoblast Studios came about. David and Everett also discuss some of their favorite wrestling moments and local wrestling promotions as well. 


Ep 103, J.J Maguire

JJ Maguire calls in to discuss with Everett the early days of his music career with "The Mouth Of The South," Jimmy Hart in the Gentrys, JJ also discusses the theme music that him and Jimmy Hart collaborated on for WWF Superstars and working on the show Thunder In Paradise and the creation of The Wrestling Boot Band with Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart and working in Kentucky Zone Wrestling. 

Ep 102,Stefanie Davis

Film Director/Producer Stefanie Davis calls in to discuss her first feature film, Hot Mess In A Wedding Dress and her film company that she operates, Bouncy Boxer Media. 

Ep 101,Wayne Palmer

Wrestling Photographer, Wayne Palmer calls in to discuss how he got started into being a photographer,shares stories of being at wrestling events and much more. 

Ep 100,Hilton Ariel Ruiz Interview

Film Director/Producer,Hilton Ariel Ruiz of Zombie with a Shotgun returns for The Everett Lee Show Episode 100 to discuss what he has been up to since the last time he was on the podcast. Hilton discusses where Zombie with a Shotgun film is standing at and much more  

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