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Ep 197, Celerity Gaming

May 22nd, 2020

Celerity Gaming is the home of all things geektastic and epic. They are devoted to video games, table top games, comics and movies. Celerity Gaming host show such as Casual Geeking, Celerity After Dark and Breaking The Gates. The shows are hosted by, Ori, Salty, Andrew and Geek Kev.
You can listen to and view their podcast here,

Casual Geeking
Casual Geeking Podcast

Celerity After Dark
Celerity After Dark Podcast

Breaking The Gates
Breaking The Gates Video Podcast offers,classic wrestling merchandise, autographs, figures, DVD's, Apparel, wrestling gear and even wrestling rings, whether you are a wrestling fan, pro wrestler or promoter. Click on the Link Below,

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